Sanding Belts

Belts for sanding machines require added durability over a normal sheet of sandpaper or sanding disk and are made with a material backing to withstand the additional stress, heat and wear when being used in a machine. Belt sanders use a variety of length and width belts so understanding the exact size your tool or machine requires is key to ensuring a safe working environment. Choosing the right grit size when working is important to make sure you get the right finish on your work. A lower grit value has a more abrasive texture and will sand faster but with a less smooth finish. A higher value means physically smaller pieces of grit and will give a finer, smoother finish.

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Omschrijving Prijs Abrasive Material Grit Size Grade Length Width Number of Belts Maximum Safe Speed Model Series
RS-stocknr. 535-786
€ 24,45
1 Bag of 5
Aluminium Oxide 60 Medium 610mm 100mm 5 8.3m/s 9401, 9403, 9404, 9924DB Steel, Wood