Lift Tables

Scissor lift tables take the strain when you need to lift and manoeuvre heavy items through small distances. The use of lift tables ensures an efficient optimising of the employees working conditions, working at a proper height, avoiding repetitive heavy lifting and therefore also many health issues. Lift tables can be used in furniture manufacturing, transportation, woodworking industries as well as in metalworking areas and warehousing.

Types of lift tables

Single scissor lift – This type meets most needs

Double scissor – Optimal solution for high lifts, from 1.75 m to over 4 m

Tandem scissor – For lifting very long items

Mobile lift table – With braked wheels to be moved to required position


  • Machine feeding and offloading
  • Product assembly
  • Transport repair stacker
  • Offloading conveyors
  • Work positioning
  • Workshop

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Omschrijving Prijs Lifting Mechanism Load Capacity Platform Dimensions Maximum Height Minimum Height Platform Length Platform Width
RS-stocknr. 684-3850
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 1.142,50
Aantal stuks
Double Scissor 350kg 1010 x 520mm 1585mm 432mm 1010mm 520mm
RS-stocknr. 684-3862
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 1.130,87
Aantal stuks
Double Scissor 700kg 1010 x 520mm 1400mm 490mm 1010mm 520mm
RS-stocknr. 684-3869
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 781,70
Aantal stuks
Single Scissor 250kg 830 x 500mm 910mm 330mm 830mm 500mm