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    Sack Trucks

    Sack trucks, also known as hand trucks, come in a wide range of types and styles. They are ideal for lifting and transporting heavy loads, which reduces the strain put on individuals and the risk of injury. Sack trucks are adaptable and can be used across many industries and environments such as workshops, warehouses, mailrooms and even offices. Heavy duty sack trucks are made from particularly hardwearing materials, making them suitable for lifting and transporting heavier loads.

    What do you need to consider before you buy a Sack Truck?

    Load Capacity

    This is the most important part when it comes to purchasing a sack truck. Load capacity will depend on the wheel type, material, and construction of the sack truck. Load capacity could range from 50kg to 500kg.

    Wheel Type

    • Solid rubber tyres - they are not filled with air so they will not puncture or go flat, so minimal maintenance is required.
    • Pneumatic tyres - great for uneven ground, these are filled with air which absorbs bumps and shocks.
    • Stair climbing trolleys - ideal for moving loads up or down the stairs, their wheels are linked into a triangular shape to ensure that a wheel is always touching a step.

    Toe Plate

    The toe plate is the loading point of the truck and can be also referred to as a foot plate, platform shoe or ledge.

    • Folding toe plate - these are usually bigger and allows you to carry bulkier items.
    • Fixed toe plate - these are smaller than a folding plate, but surprisingly will have higher load capacity.
    • Some sack trucks would have a combination of both fixed and folding toe plate.


    The loop handle can be used with one hand, allowing the other hand to be free for opening doors. A variation of the loop handle is the P handle and that allows you to load the truck horizontally before being raised to the upright or tilted position. A dual handle is a combination of the loop handle and 2 separate handles.


    You can choose between the two, aluminium or steel material. Steel sack trucks are durable and the best for the highest load capacities and heavy duty applications. Aluminium sack trucks are light and easy to carry or transport, which is a must-have for delivery drivers.

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