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    Glues are a type of adhesive which sticks two or more things together. There are many different types of glue, which have various characteristics for different applications. All-purpose glues are great for general use, but you may need something stronger or specifically for use on glass or metal.

    Glues are usually designed to work with specific materials, and may not adhere to others. It is important to ensure that the glue you use works with both the surface and environment you are working with. There is also different levels of durability with glue, which is also important to consider.

    Our range includes everything from super glue and hot melt glue sticks, to PVA and glue dots. We have glue from key manufacturers including Loctite and Gorilla, as well as our own RS PRO.

    Types of glue

    • Super glue - Also known as cyanoacrylate, super glue is a fast-acting and strong liquid or gel . Cyanoacrylate is a type of clear resin that bonds almost immediately when it comes into contact with water. Practically any surface that you want to glue has trace amounts of water on the surface, while some water is present in the air. Superglue can be used in practically any environment or industry, is it also incredibly helpful for hobbyists.
    • Glue Sticks - Glue sticks or slugs can also be known as hot-melt adhesive (HMA) and are used with hot melt glue guns which heat up the stick until it becomes viscous and by squeezing the gun trigger, molten glue is applied to the surface. The glue will cool and solidify in a matter of seconds and are usually fully cured within 1 minute. The sticks can be used to bond a number of different materials including paper, cardboard, ceramics, glass, metal, plastic, rubber or wood and are especially suited to gap-filling applications. Available in a range of colours and diameters to suit the application and the hot melt glue gun being used.
    • PVA Glue - Also known as white glue, wood adhesive or school glue, (polyvinyl acetate adhesive) are synthetic rubbery polymers used for bonding purposes, it is a type of thermoplastic. PVA contains no hazardous chemicals, does not produce fumes and is water-soluble so is very safe to use an can easily be cleaned up. Suitable for many materials including paper, cardboard, fabric, leather, wood, chipboard and plastic.
    • Glue Dots - are an easy to use pressure sensitive adhesive used for bonding small items. The double-sided glue dots bond instantly, create less mess and residue than liquid glues, such as polyurethane glues, and cause less waste. Acid free glue dots can be used on most surfaces such as paper, wood. plastic and foams.

    How to apply glue:

    Many glues come in a tube with an nozzle for easy and precise application. Hot melt glue stick are inserted into a glue gun which heats and dispenses the glue. Glue dots are solid and usually applies using a transfer tape.

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