Leak Sealers

Leak sealers are composites that block the flow of fluids or gases through surface or joint openings. They are in the sealant category, made up of waterproofing and sealing substances that keep moisture in or out.

Leak sealers are made of viscous materials with almost zero flow rate, which means they can be close to impenetrable.

What are leak sealers used for?

Leak sealers are used for blocking out or locking in moisture and fluids. They also provide insulation, and some have electrical conduction properties. Leak sealers are used to smooth out surfaces and fill holes in materials, and to close small openings in concrete and drywall. Silicone leak sealers are used in outdoor applications.

Types of leak sealers:

The two most common leak sealer types are:

  • Leak repair pastes are substrates that set through a chemical reaction. These are typically used to seal pipes, joints, radiators and cylinders.
  • Wrap bandages are soaked in water and then wrapped around pipes, hoses and blow holes to seal off water.

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