Plumbers Putties

Plumbers putties are inexpensive, soft pliable sealing compounds used to make watertight seals in plumbing, particularly in sink fixtures and drains. These are most commonly used when installing new fixtures, or replacing older ones. Key Features: Stays soft for a long time and yet maintains a watertight seal Can be easily removed if it needs to be replaced as it is not an adhesive, which means it can be a better choice than caulk Is more pliable than silicone and is denser, so is better for filling wider gaps Once applied, plumbing fixtures can be used immediately as the putty will not dry out and will maintain its consistency Other products such as Teflon tape and caulk will also give a watertight seal, however plumbers putty has a unique application for joints without threads, whereas thread-bearing pipes will require Teflon tape to seal themHow do they work? Application is simple. When softened putty is gently pressed into clean and dry surfaces and parts are pressed into it, a seal will be created.What different types are there?The components of Plumbers putties can vary. Powdered clay and linseed oil are frequently used, and less commonly limestone, talc or fish oil may be used.

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