Analogue Panel Ammeters

Analogue panel ammeters measure the currents in circuits. These metered instruments measure current flow in amperes. The ampere level of the current is displayed on a dial with a red moving pointer. The current is presented in draw (how much current flows) or continuity (how uninterruptable the current is).

What are analogue panel ammeters used for?

Analogue panel ammeters determine whether erratic loads exist in electrical circuits. High ampere levels may indicate short-circuiting, unintentional grounding or indicate a defective component in the network. Low current flow points to high resistance or weak flow in the circuit.

Types of analogue panel ammeters

Analogue panel ammeters come in five types:

  • Moving coil: where magnetic deflection causes the coil to move when the current passes through the coil
  • Moving magnet: where the coil is mounted in the metered case, and a permanent magnet moves the needle
  • Moving iron: where an iron needle moves in response to an electromagnetic force from the coil.
  • Electrodynamic: where an electrodynamic magnet responds to alternating and direct current movement
  • Hot wire: where current passes through a wire that expands when heated, indicating low or high ampere levels

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