PLC Expansion Modules

PLC expansion modules (as used with programmable logic controllers) are the ideal solution for the acquisition and management of applications that include PLCs. They read and condition data from strain gaugeload and communicate basic weight data back to the processor.

What are PLC expansion modules used for?

PLC expansion modules are used in a wide range of applications such as non-automatic weighing machines, measuring of crane and cable loads, force measuring, platform scales and crane scales. To connect PLC expansion modules, a communication cable must be used to connect the module's PLC expansion port to the PLC. The primary task of an expansion module is the measurement and conversion of sensor voltage into a weight value.

Types of PLC expansion modules

PLC expansion modules are available in single or dual configurations. Other designs are available for more specialist applications such as dispenser/filler models or feeder control models. The different variables to choose from include number of inputs and outputs, voltage category, range and application.

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TR 641 top2 RC, TR 642 top2 RC, TR 644 top2 RC - - External Switch 4 4 240 V ac - - 71.8mm 69.2mm 90.1mm -
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TR 641 top2 RC, TR 642 top 2 RC, TR 644 top2 RC Ethernet - Voltage Ethernet 1 1 230 V ac - - 53.6mm 90.1mm 69.2mm -