Lighting Time Switches

A lighting timed switch is an automatic light-switch that can be used to control the timing of certain lights at certain times

How do they work?

The user will input a set of times into the control panel that will then wait for a certain time to be reached, the operating will then generally turn on or off a light.

Features and benefits:
• Automatic timed/dated light functions of ON/OFF
• Automatic summer/winter change over (on some models)
• Easy to read digital LED screens (on some models)
• Easy installation
• Internal battery (on some models)
• Power saving models are available

Where might I use one?
• In your home
• Your business or workplace
• Public access areas

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Omschrijving Prijs Lighting Switch Type Supply Voltage Number of Channels Memory Spaces Adjustment Range Setting Time Contact Configuration Battery Life Series Depth Height Terminal Type IP Rating Brightness Range
RS-stocknr. 512-9689
€ 34,96
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Staircase 220 → 240 V ac - - 0.5 → 20min - SPNO - - 62mm 85mm Screw IP20 -
RS-stocknr. 176-2225
€ 39,03
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Staircase 230 V ac - - - 1 h, 30 s → 20 min - - Trealux 62mm 85mm Screw IP20 -