Terminal Cleaning Brushes

Terminal cleaning brushes are designed to remove tarnish, oxidation, rust, debris and acid spillages from batteries, connections and terminals.

Battery brush hairs are made of steel wires and are attached to a plastic, aluminium, steel or rubber handle. The bristles are non-conductive and impregnated with silicone substrates to ensure maximum cleaning potential.

What are terminal cleaning brushes used for?

Terminal cleaning brushes are used, for example, for battery maintenance in the retail automotive industry to clean corrosion from the terminal posts, cable connections and clamps of vehicle batteries. Battery brushes can also be used to clean out battery sockets of household appliances.

Further cleaning applications include connecting blocks, network interfaces, relays, switches and terminal faceplates.


ypes of terminal cleaning brushes

Terminal cleaning brushes come in different forms:

  • Multi-purpose brushes allow easy access to a multitude of terminal configurations and can be used on almost all battery terminals to remove rust and corrosion.
  • Side terminal brushes are used to clean the side terminal connection or battery post.
  • Pole terminal brushes are made to clean battery poles and clamps around the negative and positive nodes of the battery pack.

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