Cable Tool Kits

Cable tool kits are usually used by electricians for electrical wiring – the installation of electrical cabling and associated devices such as switches, distribution boards, sockets and light fittings. Common applications include cutting or joining cables and wires together.

The benefits of using cable tool kits

Cable tool kits are designed to make electrical wiring processes easier, safer and quicker. Look out for cable tool kits with pouches or carry boxes for keeping your tools close at hand.

Types of cable tool kits

Choose from different types of cable tool kits, including:

  • Cable splicer's kit – ideal for joining two cables together. The three-piece kit includes a knife, scissors and belt pouch.
  • Cable installer's kit – including different tools designed for us by electricians and electronic technicians when installing cables.
  • Electrical conduits – tubes used to protect and route electrical wiring in a building or structure. They're made from polyamide and are flame retardant and resistant to chemicals and oils.

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