Barcode Scanners

Also known as a barcode reader, barcode scanner is a electronic device that captures the data that is stored in printed barcodes. Unlike mobile scanning computers that serve as their own host, barcode scanners must be linked to a host computer to transfer the captured data.
Barcode scanners reduce the human error as they can automate the data collection process and expedites processes, such as inventory tracking etc.

Differences between 1D (Linear) and 2D barcodes
A 1D barcode scanner reads linear, one dimensional barcodes, those mostly commonly used in retail packaging. These types of codes can be read by any type of barcode scanner.
2D barcodes are more complex as their organised vertically and horizontally. This allows these codes to hold much more information and take up less space than a 1D code. A specific reader is required to read properly.
To sum up having a 2D barcode scanner should be preferred as they can read both 1D and 2D barcodes. Another advantage of 2D scanners is that they can also read damaged or poorly printed barcodes.

Wireless Vs Corded barcode scanners
Depending on the application, a wireless barcode scanner in particular are great for small business looking to increase productivity and efficiency. They offer a lot more freedom to roam while staying connected to Bluetooth. It allows you to move the scanner around inventor rather than bringing your inventory to your scanner. However corded barcode scanners are useful when there is no need for mobility for example at store checkouts. They are usually cheaper to install, and also easy to implement with clear precise, visible images.

Can you read a barcode off of a screen?
In order to read a barcode off of a screen you'll need to have a 2D barcode scanner as it possess images as opposed to reflected light. A standard laser scanner will not be able to read from the screen.

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Omschrijving Prijs Model Product Type Scanning Technology Maximum Scan Distance Wireless Bluetooth Maximum Scan Rate 2D Scanning Interface LCD Display Dimensions Weight Depth Height
RS-stocknr. 176-5642
€ 119,34
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Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner Laser 1095mm - - 100scans/s - - - 64 x 85 x 152mm 150g 85mm 152mm
RS-stocknr. 195-0347
€ 121,42
Aantal stuks
LS2208 Barcode Scanner Laser 76cm - - - - - - 15.2 x 8.4 x 6.3cm 150g 152mm 63mm
RS-stocknr. 191-7569
€ 222,93
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WWS150i Barcode Scanner CCD 30cm Yes Yes 200scans/s - - - 102 x 42.5 x 21.5mm 70g 42.5mm 21.5mm
RS-stocknr. 698-7966
€ 165,39
Aantal stuks
WLR8950 CCDLR Barcode Scanner CCD 12in - - 450scans/s - - - 4.2 x 2.4 x 6.3in 500g - 175mm
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