Audio Modules

An audio module or audio interface is an embedded component or piece of hardware in a computer. Audio modules connect microphones and other sound gear or devices in computers.

These modules include line-level analogue inputs and outputs as well as microphone preamplifiers. Some audio modules include digital inputs and outputs. A typical audio module converts analogue signals into the digital audio information that your computer can then process.

What are audio modules used for?

Embedded systems function within a larger device. They have specific functions within that device, such as processing audio information. The purpose of an audio module is to act as a connection between a computer and other devices.

The software works in conjunction with the audio module to generate sound using samples or synthesis. These audio modules are used in highly automated and industrial engineering industries. Audio modules are also used in computers, home and office sound systems, broadcasting and PA applications.

Types of audio modules

Two primary types of audio modules exist:

  • Audio modules that are built or embedded into computers are called soundcards.
  • External audio modules have functionalities like Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

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21 x 20.5 x 11.3mm 11.3mm Low-Cost Module for All Embedded Audio Sound Applications, RoHS and CE Compliant 21mm +70°C 0°C 3.3 → 5V Stereo DAC output UART 20.5mm