Keying Plugs

Keyring plugs are handheld termination tools used to insert wires onto individual socket terminations in connectors.

Design and use of a keyring plug

Keyring plugs have a T-shaped handle on one end for ease of use. On the other end is a slotted blade. This slotted blade is used to insert the wire into the connector. The blade is specifically designed to fit into the connector slot to terminate the wire using the displacement terminating technique.

This technique requires inserting an unstripped wire into a slotted contact beam to form a reliable electrical connection between the conductor and contact.

Wire insertion technique using a keyring plug

  • First, place the connector on a flat surface to prevent possible rocking when inserting the wire.
  • Position wire over the contact in the connector and make sure the end of the wire does not extend over the shoulder of the connector.
  • Start the wire into contact with the finger.
  • Place appropriate tool on wire over contact so that the centerline of the tool matches the contact.
  • Holding the tool handle, apply a constant direct pressure until the wire is terminated with the contact.

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