PCB Connector Contacts

PCB connector contacts are one of the key component parts of printed circuit boards. They are used to complete the circuit by conducting electrical current from the connector to the PCB. The connector will often be contained within a PCB connector housing, especially where multiple connectors are used.

What are PCB connector contacts used for?

PCB connector contacts provide a platform for PCB connectors to attach to. Printed circuit boards may need to be connected either to cables or to other printed circuit boards, and the contacts allow this to happen. The connector is mounted on to the printed circuit board, using the contact as an electrical connection.

Types of PCB connector contacts

PCB connector contacts can be made from and plated with a range of different materials, like bronze, copper or gold. They can also be terminated using a number of different methods, including crimping and soldering, and may be of different genders. Female connector contacts act like a socket, while male connector contacts act more like a plug.

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Omschrijving Prijs Gender For Use With Series Minimum Wire Size mm² Maximum Wire Size mm² Termination Method Contact Plating Minimum Wire Size AWG Contact Material Maximum Wire Size AWG Series Number Maximum Contact Resistance Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature
RS-stocknr. 179-0751
€ 0,106
Each (In a Pack of 50)
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Female Mizu-P25 2.50mm Pitch Waterproof Receptacle Housing 52213 - - - Compression, Crimp Tin 22AWG Phosphor Bronze 20AWG 50148 10mΩ -40°C +105°C
RS-stocknr. 164-9178
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 113,82
1 Reel of 3700
Male Power Triple Lock Connector Housing Power Triple Lock 0.65mm² 1.3mm² Crimp Tin - Copper Alloy - - - -55°C +150°C
RS-stocknr. 165-0824
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 176,40
1 Bag of 1000
Female Dynamic 3000 Connector Housing Dynamic 3000 0.08mm² 0.2mm² Crimp Gold 28AWG Copper Alloy 24AWG - - - -
RS-stocknr. 182-3018
FabrikantAmphenol FCI
€ 6,00
1 Pack of 20
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS-stocknr. 189-5721
€ 2,259
Each (In a Tray of 300)
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Male CST High-Current Interconnect System - - - SMT Gold, Silver - Copper Alloy - 203263 0.25mΩ -40°C +105°C
RS-stocknr. 680-5309
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 0,183
Each (In a Pack of 100)
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Female - CI 2 0.5mm² 1mm² Crimp Tin - Phosphor Bronze - - - - -
RS-stocknr. 164-2950
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 695,80
1 Bag of 1000
Female Universal MATE-N-LOK Connector Housing Universal MATE-N-LOK 0.5mm² 2mm² Crimp Gold 20AWG Phosphor Bronze 14AWG - - -55°C +125°C
RS-stocknr. 179-6420
€ 84,70
1 Reel of 2500
Female 51110 Milli-Grid Receptacle Housing, 151100 Milli-Grid Receptacle Housing - - - Crimp or Compression - 30AWG Copper Alloy 24AWG 50394 40mΩ -40°C +105°C
RS-stocknr. 163-9859
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 0,147
Each (On a Reel of 750)
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Male Micro-MaTch COSI Connector Housing Micro-MaTch 0.2mm² 0.5mm² Crimp Tin 24AWG Phosphor Bronze 20AWG - 10mΩ -40°C +105°C
RS-stocknr. 164-7948
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 1.028,31
1 Reel of 6000
Female SL-156 Connector Housing SL-156 0.2mm² 0.9mm² Crimp Gold 24AWG Brass 18AWG - 3mΩ -55°C +105°C
RS-stocknr. 873-5423
€ 0,084
Each (In a Pack of 100)
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Female DF62B and DF62C Connector Housings DF62 - - Crimp Tin - Phosphor Bronze 22AWG - 30mΩ -35°C +105°C
RS-stocknr. 173-5279
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 0,171
Each (On a Reel of 6000)
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Female MULTILOCK .025/.040 Hybrid I/O Connector Housing MULTILOCK 040 III 0.3mm² 0.85mm² Crimp Gold 21AWG Copper Alloy 18AWG - - - -
RS-stocknr. 163-9919
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 548,80
1 Reel of 3500
Female Multi-Interlock Mark II Connector Housing Multi-Interlock Mark II 0.5mm² 2.3mm² Crimp Tin 20AWG Phosphor Bronze 14AWG - - - -
RS-stocknr. 668-9393
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 0,216
Each (In a Pack of 100)
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Female AMPMODU MOD II Connector Housing AMPMODU MOD II 0.1mm² 0.3mm² Crimp Gold 26AWG Phosphor Bronze 22AWG - - -55°C +85°C
RS-stocknr. 885-9245
FabrikantCinch Connectors
€ 6,81
Aantal stuks
Male - - - - Solder Gold - Spring Brass - - 6mΩ -65°C +105°C
RS-stocknr. 167-6469
€ 282,93
1 Reel of 4000
Female - OBD-II - - Crimp Tin - Phosphor Bronze - 50695 - - -
RS-stocknr. 161-5264
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 294,00
1 Reel of 5000
Female MULTILOCK .040/.070 Hybrid I/O Connector Housing MULTILOCK 040 0.3mm² 0.5mm² Crimp Tin 22AWG Copper Alloy 20AWG - 20mΩ -30°C +105°C
RS-stocknr. 865-6749
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 1,744
Each (In a Pack of 1000)
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Male CPC and M Series Connector Housings Type III+ - - Solder Gold - Copper Alloy - - - -55°C +105°C
RS-stocknr. 683-1318
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 0,103
Each (In a Pack of 50)
Aantal stuks
Male Commercial MATE-N-LOK Connector Housing Commercial MATE-N-LOK 0.2mm² 0.9mm² Crimp Tin 24AWG Brass 18AWG - - - -
RS-stocknr. 712-1977
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 0,32
Each (In a Pack of 50)
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Female Micro Quadlock System Connector Housing Micro Quadlock System 0.2mm² 0.35mm² Crimp Tin - Copper, Nickel, Silicon Alloy - - - -40°C +120°C
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