PCB Terminal Blocks

PCB Terminal blocks are an electrical connection method predominantly used on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The modular design offers a mixture of application options as well as offering a variety of multi-level blocks for space saving and optimisation.

Why use a PCB terminal block?
PCB terminal blocks provide a quick and simple connection point for one or more wires together. Different securing methods can be used for specific applications, quick latch connections for terminals that may need frequent maintenance or screw down for a more long-term application allow flexibility in their use and reliability every time.

Termination Types

Terminal blocks may use a variety of methods to achieve wire connection.

Spring clamps connections simply use a springs pressure to press down and retain the wire in place. Spring clamps are useful in applications using small wire diameters without the need for high strength connections as well as for use in a limited working space where screwing terminals down may be difficult.

Screw clamps, similar to a spring clamp, use pressure to hold a wire in place but can achieve greater clamping pressure with the use of a screw to tighten the clamp over the wire. This method of electrical connection is the most classic and industry standard termination method. This type can accommodate a very wide range of wire sizes and provides a reliable connection.

Insulation displacement connections (IDC) are a simple and easy connection method that is achieved by pushing the wire between two sharp pieces of metal, that can break the outer sheathing to allowing a connection to be made without exposing any bare wire.

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RS-stocknr. 800-4322
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2 4mm 1 Surface Mount Female Push In Terminal Block 9A Straight - White 300 V - Lite-Trap
RS-stocknr. 822-7317
€ 8,68
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2 4mm 1 Surface Mount Male Screw Plug 10A Straight - Black 300 V - 39484
RS-stocknr. 822-7398
€ 2,77
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6 5.08mm 1 Surface Mount Male Screw Clamp PCB Terminal Block 10A Straight - Black 300 V - 39980
RS-stocknr. 822-7391
€ 3,51
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7 5.08mm 1 Surface Mount Male Screw Clamp PCB Terminal Block 10A Straight - Black 300 V - 39980
RS-stocknr. 179-0618
€ 1,44
Each (In a Pack of 5)
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3 3.5mm 1 Cable Mount Male Screw PCB Terminal Block 8A Horizontal 3P Black 300 V - 39500
RS-stocknr. 178-9621
€ 5,711
Each (In a Bag of 336)
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3 10.16mm 1 Through Hole Female Solder PCB Terminal Block 60A Vertical 3P Black 600 V - 39910