Crimp Terminal Kits

Crimping is a way of terminating strands of wire in order to connect them to external circuits, using a crimping tool to squeeze a wire hard enough to cold weld it to a given terminal. Crimp terminal kits consist of a crimping tool and various types of terminal.

The advantage of crimping is that it forms gas-tight connections, so there is less corrosion of the wire, and the joints are mechanically strong as there is no additional material used, as opposed to soldering.

How do crimp terminal kits work?

There are broadly three steps to using crimp terminal kits:

  1. Insert the desired terminal into the crimping tool
  2. Insert the wire into the terminal
  3. Squeeze together the handles of the crimping tool to cold weld the terminal onto the wire

Types of crimp terminal

Crimp terminals can have different connectors, such as rings, spades, and butt splice terminals, depending on how you want to connect to the external circuit. There are also insulated and non-insulated terminals, depending on your price point and the needs of the circuit. Non-insulated terminals are cheaper but may short in certain environments, whereas insulated terminals protect against this.

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Omschrijving Prijs Type Connector Type Kit Contents Contact Plating Contact Material
RS-stocknr. 414-6633
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 159,29
Aantal stuks
Automotive Service PIDG Splices/Terminals, Plasti-Grip Terminals Butt Splice, Electrotap, Female Bullet, Male Bullet, Male Receptacle, Piggyback, Pin, Receptacle, Ring, Superchamp II Tool - -
RS-stocknr. 602-8155
€ 109,75
1 Kit
Spade Terminals Terminal 0.5-3A, 1.25-5A, 1.25-YS3A, 1.25-YS4A, 2-5A, 2-YS3A, 2-YS4A, 5.5-5A, 5.5-6A - -
RS-stocknr. 782-7442
FabrikantTE Connectivity
€ 1.431,21
Aantal stuks
Tool Holder - - - -
RS-stocknr. 602-8161
€ 91,76
1 Kit
- Insulated Ring Terminal RAV1.25-3.5, RAV1.25-4, RAV1.25-5, RAV2-3.5, RAV2-4, RAV2-5, RAV5.5-5, RAV5.5-6, V0.5-3 - -
RS-stocknr. 414-6841
FabrikantnummerH-BOX 4,0-16,0QMM -9025920000
€ 30,05
Aantal stuks
German Colour Coded Bootlace Ferrule - - -
RS-stocknr. 220-6216
FabrikantSES Sterling
€ 54,01
Aantal stuks
- Bootlace Ferrule Ferrules of 10 mm² x 20, Ferrules of 16 mm² x 10, Ferrules of 4 mm² x 50, Ferrules of 6 mm² x 20 - -
RS-stocknr. 602-8177
€ 83,62
1 Kit
Spade Terminals Terminal V0.5-3A, V1.25-5A, V1.25-YS3A, V1.25-YS4A, V2-5A, V2-YS3A, V2-YS4A, V5.5-5A, V5.5-6A - -
RS-stocknr. 848-0906
€ 155,39
Aantal stuks
- Insulated Terminal (1) CT-160 Tool and KP-1000 Box, (10) BSV10X Vinyl Butt Splices, (10) BSV14X, (10) BSV18X, (10) DV14-188B Vinyl Disconnects,(5) JN418-212 Nylon Wire Joints, (10) DV18-250B, (18) PV18-6F and (18) PV14-8F Vinyl Fork Terminals,(10) PV10-8R and (10) PV10-10R Vinyl Ring Terminals, Includes:(18) PV18-8R and (18) PV14-10R Vinyl Ring Terminals - -
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