Memory & SIM Card Connectors

Memory and SIM card connectors are designed to house either a memory card or SIM card (electronic flash memory data storage devices used to store digital information) and work when connected to a printed circuit board.

Features and benefits of memory and SIM card connectors

Which memory and SIM card connector you choose will depend on the size of your card. For example, there are SIM card connectors to fit mini, micro and nano SIMs. Feature and benefits can include:

  • For memory card connectors – push-push eject designs for smooth card extraction and easy insertion and a card detection switch.
  • For SIM and memory card connectors – connection points for easy and secure soldering to a printed circuit board.

Applications of memory and SIM card connectors

Memory card connectors are often used in consumer electronics applications, such as digital cameras, portable audio players and other data communication devices. SIM card connectors are most commonly found in mobile phones.

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FabrikantRS PRO
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Smart Card Male - 16 2 2.54mm Right Angle Surface Mount Copper Alloy Gold over Nickel Solder Thermoplastic 57.8mm 3.6mm