Type B USB Connectors

Type B USB connectors are a type of electrical connectorthat fit into type B ports, which are found on many USB devices, for example printers and external hard drives. Type B plugs, found on one end of most USB cables, fit into type B USB connectors.

The difference between type A and type B USB connectors

The two types of USB connectors have the same number of pins and are electrically identical. They are only different mechanically and in terms of their shape. Type A USB connectors are usually flat and rectangular, whereas type B USB connectors are usually square.

What are type B USB connectors used for?

Type A connectors can be found on upstream devices such as a USB host or a hub, and type A plugs can be found on cables and smaller peripherals such as a mouse or a flash drive. Larger USB peripherals, on the other hand, such as printers and scanners, use a detachable cable and type B USB connectors.

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