LED Mounting Hardware

LED mounting hardware are accessory products used in the installation, fitting and operation of LED lighting systems and products. These hardware components include mounts, holders, brackets, clips, nuts, rings and covers to name a few.

What is LED mounting hardware used for?

LED mounting hardware products are used to affix, mount and install LED lighting systems.

These hardware products are universal and can be used across a wide range of lighting systems and product applications. They are commonly used in educational institutions, office spaces, industrial facilities, and for decorative, gardening and automotive applications.

Types of LED mounting hardware

LED mounting hardware products are available in many varieties:

  • Mounting accessories can be affixed via panels, through holes or can be surface mounted. Designs often include brackets, coupler clips and rings. These are used to affix LED arrays to walls, ceilings, equipment and surfaces.
  • Holders and covers are used as enclosures or base foundations for LED products like lamps, globes, arrays, downlights and candelabras.

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RS-stocknr. 210-3070
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- ILS 33LED Florence Linear Boards ILA-TIM-XXXX-YY
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- ILS 12 Die Clusters ILA-TIM-XXXX-YY
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- ILS LEDiL Development Boards ILA-TIM-XXXX-YY