Breadboard Jumper Wire Kits

Breadboard jumper wire kits are sets of electrical jumper wires used to connect the components or equipment on a breadboard.

How do breadboard jumper wire kits work?

Most breadboard jumpers feature a pin or connector at each end, which is normally used to interconnect breadboard components internally, or with other components or equipment without soldering. Breadboard jumper wires are fitted by inserting their end connectors into grids on a breadboard, a piece of test equipment, or a circuit board’s header connector.

Types of breadboard jumper wire kits

There are several types of breadboard jumper wire kits, to suit a broad range of applications. Many breadboard jumper wire kits will have assortments of jumper wires in different lengths and pre-sorted colours so you can easily find the length and colour of wires you need for your project. Most kits are used for testing and prototyping electrical circuits.

While some jumper wires have the same type of connectors on both ends, others have different types of connectors.

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