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    Copper Clad Boards

    A copper clad board is a circuit board that through lamination has a copper clad material on either a single-sided (one copper layer) or double-sided (two copper layers on both sides of one substrate layer) of the board.

    The copper clad soak in resin, combined with the glass fibre or other reinforcing material make the board base for printed circuit boards (PCB's).

    Copper clad is commonly used within the PCB industry on these clad boards, as is it a great conductor and it can easily transmit signals without losing any electricity. These clad boards are available in numerous mm dimensions, dependant upon your requirements.

    Photoresist boards are light sensitive sheets, made from a high quality glass epoxy with a copper foil bonded to one or both sides. They are essential for producing and photo typing PCB's. Photoresist boards support PCBs which connect electronic components in many electrical devices. Printed circuit boards are manufactured using a pattern process which is defined during electro plating using photo resist technology.

    Photoresist boards work by blocking ultraviolet light (UV) and fluorescence through pre-sensitised boards. This is achieved by exposing the resist coated boards to UV light before development. When exposed to the light the polymers become more soluble. Panels on a PCB pass through a vacuum chamber where the layer of positive photoresist is then pressed firmly onto the surface of the foil. The printed circuit pattern is positioned on top of the photoresist and the panels are exposed to an intense UV light. Etching is then undertaken to remove the copper-clad substrate.

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