A degreaser is a different way to describe what is essentially a cleaning solution. Degreasers are cleaning products specifically designed to remove grease, oils, lubricants, grime and other contaminants from an object or surface. They contain chemicals or solvents that work by breaking down and cleaning stubborn soils left behind which need to be erased. 

Where are degreasers used?

Degreasers are used in a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning applications and environments.

The two most common types of degreasers are solvent-based degreasers and water-based degreasers.

Solvent degreasers or cleaners contain chemicals that are extremely effective in removing tough contaminates. Some of the most common applications for industrial degreasers and heavy-duty degreasers are

  • Automotive and transport

  • Rail 

  • Mechanical and tooling

  • Oil and gas

  • Marine

Water-based degreasers, although still contain some chemicals are not as harsh as solvent-based degreasers. These types of degreasers are more suited to applications where heavy duty contaminant removal is not necessary. They are kinder to the environment, eco-friendly or biodegradable and are usually used in lighter applications such as

  • Food and beverage

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

Our range of cleaner degreasers are supplied in various package types including aerosols, cans, spray bottles and ready-to-use wipes. 

When selecting a degreaser for your application it is advisable to check them carefully. Some chemicals used in degreasers may be flammable such as IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) Please refer to the datasheets for a list of ingredients and recommendations for each product.

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