Glass Cleaner

What is a Glass Cleaner?A glass cleaner is a type of cleaning solution made up from certain chemicals, which created a solution that helps remove dust, dirt, smears and stains on a variety of surfaces. The cleaner is usually accompanied with a cloth or wipe to help clean a surface.What type of cleaner do I use?The type of cleaner that you select for your cleaning activity is all dependent on what you are looking to clean. If you are looking to clean your computer or other glass surfaces in your work space, a spray from of a glass polish cleaner would be a suitable option. This is because the solution has been created to help remove any static build up or residue. A multi-functional spray cleaner in the form of an aerosol is the ideal choice if youre looking for a quick and easy solution. These types of cleaners create a smear free finish with minimal effort on glass, screens, mirrors, lenses, windows and windscreens. An eco-bottle cleaner is a great choice for cleaning tough oven grime and soldering systems as they help reduce all of types of flux residues. An eco-option also offers a feature of being non-flammable and biodegradable.How long does Glass Cleaner last?All of our glass cleaners are available in different ml containers, ranging from 0.95ml up to 500ml+. How long your glass cleaner lasts depends on how quickly you use the solution, please be sure to check the best before date on your detergent if you have had it for a long period time.Glass Cleaner applications Bumpers Ceramic Chromium Plated Part Glass Mirror Paint work Photocopiers Vinyl & plastic Surfaces Windows Windscreen Wipers WindshieldRS Components glass cleaner from leading brands such as Ambersil, Electrotube and of course our very own trusted brand RS Pro.

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Omschrijving Prijs Package Size Package Type Product Category Application Trade Name
RS-stocknr. 331-1943
€ 15,68
Aantal stuks
500 ml Bottle Water Based Glass -
RS-stocknr. 702-7891
€ 8,73
Aantal stuks
0.95 L Bottle - Glass -
RS-stocknr. 780-5262
€ 9,30
Aantal stuks
400 ml Aerosol Cleaner Ceramic, Glass, Photocopiers, Windows, Windscreen Wipers -
RS-stocknr. 131-6338
€ 11,21
Aantal stuks
500 ml Aerosol Biodegradable Bumper, Chromium Plated Part, Mirror, Paint Work, Vinyl & Plastic Surface, Window, Windshield Glass Clean Pro
RS-stocknr. 136-8547
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 4,61
Aantal stuks
250 ml Spray Cleaner - -
RS-stocknr. 136-8540
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 5,87
Aantal stuks
250 ml Spray Cleaner Glass -
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