Scrubbing Brushes

What is a scrubbing brush?A scrubbing brush is a tool used to scrub clean a surface or area with applied pressure. How do they work?Usually in the form of a hand tool, a brush works with the pressure you apply by repetitively moving over an area to clean it of any debris or dirt until desired. Features and benefits: Hand held brushes that allow for detail cleaning and extra pressure to be able for tough stains and dirt. Brushes with broom handles are great for hard to reach places and extending are of use. Hard bristle brushes clean up tougher stains quickly Soft bristle brushes make quick work of light duty dirt and stains, also protecting delicate surfaces from damageWhere might I use a scrubbing brush? At home or around your garden In your place of work to sweep up floors or clean bathrooms Hospitals or schools

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Omschrijving Prijs Application Bristle Length Bristle Material Colour Product Depth Product Width Hard/Soft Food Processing Safe Brush Type
RS-stocknr. 178-7692
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 3,25
Aantal stuks
- - Bassine - 40mm 280mm - - Hand Brush
RS-stocknr. 176-7678
€ 27,76
Aantal stuks
- 25mm - Blue 510mm 190mm Medium - Pipe Exterior Brush