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    Pressure Washer Parts

    For high demand cleaning applications, pressure washers are a popular choice. Able to direct a high pressure burst of water onto a specific target, pressure washers, or power washers, are able to shift heavy and ingrained dirt easily. Suitable for everything from guttering to patio slabs, pressure washers are used to clean all kinds of surfaces.

    As they are such versatile cleaning tools, pressure washers usually have interchangeable parts and accessories to better suit specific demands. The RS range of pressure washer parts has replacement parts and accessories for pressure washer models from leading brands.

    Whether you need to invest in an effective patio cleaner, or to maintain essential tools in automobile cleaning, pressure washer accessories allow you to customize your cleaning solution.

    Pressure Washer Hoses

    Whether your high pressure hose needs replaced due to wear and tear, or if you need a longer hose length, our range of pressure washer parts includes individual hoses. These can easily fit to your pressure washer with a screw fitting. Hose kits with included trigger guns are also available.

    Trigger Guns

    The RS Range of pressure washer parts includes trigger guns at various lengths, often with built in pressure washer lances. Trigger guns, or sprayers, can easily fit to pressure washer hoses with a screw on action.

    Pressure Washer Nozzles and Connectors

    Whether you want a wider or more focused spray, different nozzles and adaptors are needed for different results. Our range includes nozzles and necessary connecting parts.

    Pressure Nozzle Brush Attachment

    Ideal for cleaning cars, vans and conservatories, a wash brush extension channels the pressurized water through an extendable brush head. Allowing you to scrub as well as jet, the brush head is versatile pressure washer attachment.

    Spray Wash Cleaner

    Different detergent solutions are available for different applications, and can be used with pressure washers for more effective and hygienic cleaning power. Our range includes cleaner solutions for metal de-greasing and heavy duty applications.

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