Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors

Designed to slow down the oxidisation process that causes rust in metals, rust inhibitors, or anti-rust sprays, are essential in metal maintenance.

Whether it is for tool maintenance, protection for automobile parts, or elemental protection for outdoor locks and hinges, rust inhibitors create a protective barrier that helps prevent rust from forming.

Specialist Applications

The RS Range of Rust Inhibitors are specially formulated for a range of specialist applications:
•Injection Mould Tooling



•Electrical Equipment

•Lathe Centres

Packaging and Uses

The range also includes a selection of ways to apply the rust inhibitor.
•Aerosols: Sprays and aerosols allow fantastic coverage and are ideal for treating hard to reach parts of metal objects. Straws can be combined with nozzles to direct the spray into nook and crannies such as keyholes, preventing wastage and ensuring protection is given where it is needed.

Cans, Bottles and Tubs: For generous and even application, a can, bottle or even tub of rust inhibitor may be a better option for anti-rust treatment than an aerosol spray

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Omschrijving Prijs Package Size Package Type Application Colour Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Trade Name
RS-stocknr. 290-4320
FabrikantnummerCORTEC VpCI 111
€ 28,99
Aantal stuks
58.4 x 32.3 mm Tub Corrosion Protection - - - VpCI 111
RS-stocknr. 290-4308
FabrikantnummerCORTEC VCI 101
€ 8,01
Aantal stuks
- - Corrosion Protection - - - VCI 101
RS-stocknr. 290-4314
FabrikantnummerCORTEC VCI 105
€ 16,41
Aantal stuks
58.4 x 19 mm Tub Corrosion Protection - - - VCI 105
RS-stocknr. 290-4342
FabrikantnummerCORTEC VCI 133
€ 0,947
Each (In a Pack of 20)
Aantal stuks
- Foam Square Corrosion Protection - - - VCI 133