Cone Point Set Screws

Cone point set screws are types of screws, often called grub screws, that have a sharp, pointed tip on one end, which allows them to penetrate into flat surfaces, such as wood. The other end is usually a closed tip. They're used to secure an object within or to another object.

Applications for cone point set screws

Cone point set screws are found in many industrial and mechanical devices, particularly within assemblies with rotating items such as pulleys or wheels where a component is locked onto a shaft.

Designed to fasten one object inside another, cone point set screws pass right through a threaded hole in the outer object and are tightened against the inner object. Cone point set screws work by exerting force through the tip to prevent movement between two objects.

Types of cone point set screws

You can choose from different types of metal, including high-tensile or stainless steel. You can also select different sized cone point set screws.

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M10 Stainless Steel
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M10 Steel
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M10 x 40 BZP