Enclosure Strips

Enclosure strips, or closure strips, are used to conceal open portions of plain channelsor slotted channelsto keep wires and cables out of the way and to create a neat finished visual appearance. They're perfect for laboratories, radiology rooms or any other location where unsightly electrical wires run through or near sections of strut.

Enclosure strip applications

Enclosure strips are used with channel support systems, a structural system used in the construction and electrical industries for light structural support. They're used for wiring, plumbing or other components such as air conditioning units or ventilation systems. The channels are can be fitted to walls or ceilings and the enclosure strips simply slide into the open part of the channel.

Features and benefits of enclosure strips

Features and benefits of enclosure strips include:

  • You can choose from different lengths and sizes depending on the type of channel you're working with.
  • They're made from light PVC for easy mounting – no tools are needed.
  • The PVC can be painted to match the channel system colours or interior decoration.

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