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    Earth Tab Rivets

    Earth tab rivets are permanent mechanical fastenerswith grounding (earth) tabs. These tabs can penetrate through the surface material to make contact with material panels. This contact creates an earthing or grounding connection.

    They enable high strength joining between objects but offer low resistance levels to protect against voltage surges and current spikes. You can install them without the need for welding and access is only needed on the one side of the object.

    What are earth tab rivets used for?

    Earth tab rivets are used to ground objects, machinery and parts made of metal. This grounding feature directs voltage spikes or surges away from the objects into the ground.

    In electrical machinery they can replace traditional fasteners such as bolts, nuts and washers that do not comply with earthing standards. These rivets are commonly found in automotive industries and for railway building.

    Other applications include outdoor structures that can be damaged by lightning strikes or indoor machinery that requires low resistance connections.

    Types of earth tab rivets

    Earth tab rivets are categorised by size, length, compatible volt range (up to 240V) and the number of tabs located on the rivets.

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