Flanged Hex Nuts

Flanged hex nuts are fasteners with threaded holes and broad flanges (outer ridges) that also fulfil the function of washers too. These nuts are designed with a hexagonal shape and are constructed with hardened steel and exterior coatings made of zinc.

The flange on the nut distributes pressure evenly over the part that is being secured, which prevents the object from loosening or being damaged during movement and rotation.

What are flanged hex nuts used for?

Flanged hex nuts are typically found in manufacturing assembly lines. They are used as single fastener mechanisms and speed up operations because the need for washers is eliminated. In the automotive industry, these nuts are used in door hinges and seat attachments.

Types of flanged hex nuts

Flanged hex nuts may be smooth or serrated on the inside:

  • Smooth nuts are used in coated or painted surfaces and have anti-corrosion attributes which make them useful for products with coated or painted surfaces.
  • Serrated nuts are uneven on the insides to increase the locking action of the nuts. They are useful for oversized and irregularly shaped openings because they completely cover the bearing surfaces.

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