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    Nut Kits

    Nut kits contain differently sized and shaped nuts – types of fasteners with a threaded hole that are almost always used in conjunction with a screw to fasten parts together.

    Types of nuts in the nut kits

    • Cage nuts - a square nut in a spring steel cage. The cage can be inserted into the square holes, for example, in the mounting rails of equipment racks.
    • Hex nuts - a six-sided general purpose nut.
    • Wingnuts - a nut with two metal 'wings' on each side so it can be easily tightened and loosened by hand without tools.
    • Dome nuts - a nut that has a dome-shaped end on one side.
    • Self-locking nuts - a nut that resists loosening under vibration.

    Feature and benefits of nut kits include:

    • Variety of locking nuts for different applications and to fit a variety of different screws
    • The nuts are organised by size in a handy box for quick and easy use.
    • Choose a kit according to the number of pieces and different materials included, including brass, nylon and stainless steel.
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