Rivets & Riveting Tools

Rivets are one of the oldest and most reliable permanent fasteners, they're used for holding together two separate materials such as wood, metal or plastic, but can also be used to connect more delicate materials. RS Components offers a range of quality rivets from many well-known brands including Richco, POP Rivets and our own brand RS Pro. Your selection will depend on what materials are to be joined, and how they are to be joined.

How do rivets work?

Rivets are metal tubes consisting of a forged head and a cylindrical body. They have a smooth shaft that passes through the materials being bonded. They work by connecting two pieces of fabric or metal through a hole and holding them together after the ends of the rivet are flattened. The flattening action exerts pressure, which spreads across the joint increasing the friction between the joints making them less likely to move.

What types of rivets are there to choose from?

Rivets are available in various materials including aluminium, steel, stainless steel, nickel-copper alloy and copper, and they come in the following types, depending on required applications:

  • Blind - tubular and supplied with a mandrel through the centre

  • Snap - pre-assembled for simply pushing into required holes

  • Tubular - available with a variety of different heads

  • Threaded insert and rivet nut - for permanent threading in fragile sheet materials

  • Solid - consisting of a shaft and head that are deformed with a hammer or rivet gun

Why choose a rivet over a screw or a bolt?

Rivets form a joint that is stronger and tighter than would be formed by a screw of the same diameter. The shaft of a rivet is smooth and therefore it is better at resisting side-to-side motion (shear motion) than a screw or bolt of the same diameter. A rivet will also connect fully when passing through a piece of metal, whereas the screw will connect with less than half of the metal.

Rivets have many every day and diverse applications, offering durability and flexibility, and are widely used in industries such as building and construction, aviation and aerospace, automotive and fine metalwork and jewellery.

Rivet sets and riveting tools

We also offer a wide range of rivet sets in a variety of sizes and materials, as well as an array of rivet tools. We stock rivet guns and removal tools as well as a selection of cordless, power and hand rivet tools to ensure we can complement and support all of your needs.

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