Electrical Installation Accessories

We have a huge selection of electrical installation and wiring accessories including back boxes, electrical sockets, fused spurs, RCD sockets, junction boxes and accessories as well as faceplates and mounting plates. Choose from reliable, leading brands such as MK Electric, Legrand, ABB and our own quality brand RS PRO.

What wiring accessories are available?

Whether you are looking for a faceplate, a socket or a replacement back box, we have a wide selection of electrical wiring accessories to help you with the job at hand. Popular product areas include:

  • Back boxes - usually fitted inside a wall to house electrical wiring behind a light switch or a power socket. They’re available in different materials, mainly plastic or metal, in different depths depending on the space you require and the number of gangs.

  • Faceplates - wall plates and mounting plates are commonly used to improve the aesthetic appearance of electrical installation. Our range includes plates with up to 8 gangs, or openings, in many colours to suit the installation environment.

  • Junction boxes - used to house and secure electrical wiring safely, in both professional and domestic applications. We stock a wide selection of junction boxes with many configurations including boxes with up to 12 entries, in a broad selection of sizes, colours and materials, as well as IP ratings – from IP20 to IP68.

  • Electrical Sockets – sockets are installed anywhere that there is potential for power to be required for electrical equipment and devices in homes, warehouses, offices and other buildings. The main types of socket we sell are:

    • Industrial sockets – have protective covers and are rated to a specific IP number to allow for them to be used in environments where they could be exposed to dust, water, chemicals and other particles that could stop them working.

    • Plug sockets – within our range you will find plug sockets with 1, 2 or 3 gangs, in many colours, mounting types, sizes, and IP ratings to suit the installation area you are fitting the socket.

    • RCD sockets – An RCD (residual current device) socket, has the added protection of detecting any current imbalance and will cut the power if the difference becomes greater than a specific parameter, protecting the user.



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