Fuse Clips

A fuse clip is a type of open fuse holder or mount for fuses. Similar tofuse covers they are designed to create a tight grip between the clip and the fuse itself, and protect the fuse from the environment around it. They can be used as an alternative to fuse blocks in some cases.

Applications of fuse clips

The most common application of fuse clips is with automotive fuses. These are usually blade-type fuses, and once they are fitted into the fuse clip they may require a special tool for removal.

They are also more generally used on printed circuit boards, where they are mounted, and they can only be accessed from within the piece of equipment once installed.

Types of fuse clips

Fuse clips come in a variety of different styles, and generally vary depending on the type of fuse that they are intended to hold, and where it needs to be located. They differ by size, mounting style, and clip material.

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Omschrijving Prijs Fuse Size Mounting Style Fuse Type Clip Material Width Length Height Contact Plating Current Rating For Use With Series Voltage Rating
RS-stocknr. 182-1488
€ 23,14
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6.35 x 55.7mm Panel Mount Fuse Clip - 6.35 Dia.mm 55.7mm - - - British BS 88 Fuse - 600V
RS-stocknr. 182-1468
€ 23,14
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6.35 x 47.5mm Panel Mount Fuse Clip - 6.35 Dia.mm 47.5mm - - 1.5A British BS 88 Fuse - 500V
RS-stocknr. 182-1478
€ 23,14
Aantal stuks
6.35 x 61.8mm Panel Mount Fuse Clip - 6.35 Dia.mm 61.8mm - - 1.5A British BS 88 Fuse - 700V
RS-stocknr. 703-4192
€ 14,96
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1in - Cartridge Nickel Plated Copper 17.3mm 25.4mm 34.8mm - - - - -