Polishing Kits

A polishing compound is used to enhance and restore the appearance of metal items or remove contamination, corrosion or oxidisation. The polishing compound consists of abrasive particles that are surrounded by a binder-carrier. The polish is selected according to the class of metal it is being used with, the harder the class of metal the harder the class of abrasive that is used. The polishing compound is then applied to the object using a buffing wheel

Types of Polishing Compound

  • Polishing compounds are either oil or water-based and are available in a range of types depending on the polishing stage they are used in.
  • First cut Polishing Compounds: A moist compound used for smoothing out rough surfaces and removing surface material
  • Medium/Second Cut Polishing Compounds: A drier compound used for smoothing out semi-smooth surfaces in preparation for the final high lustre
  • Final Polishing Compound: Removes minimum surface material and produces a high lustre

Typical Applications

Polishing compounds are used to produce a high lustre on metal objects or parts including vehicles, handrails and kitchenware and are also used in the manufacture of light reflectors. Polishing compounds are also used to remove oxidisation, prevent contamination of instruments and prevent corrosion in pipes.

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Omschrijving Prijs Application Kit Contents Bar Weight Mop Diameter
RS-stocknr. 488-5580
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 38,49
1 Kit
Non-Ferrous Metal Cotton Mop, Lustre, Rouge, White Stitched Mop 120g -
RS-stocknr. 488-5596
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 28,50
1 Kit
General Purpose & Stainless Steel Arbor, Polishing Buff, Polishing Compound 2x 114g 4in
RS-stocknr. 901-0618
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 50,09
Aantal stuks
Plastic and Bakelite Polishing Kit 100 mm x 2-Section Stitched Hard Buff, 100 mm x 50 mm Loose Fold Soft Buff, Brown Bar, Buff Bar, Tapered Spindle 2x 115g -
RS-stocknr. 901-0611
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 48,85
Aantal stuks
Chrome and Plated Metal Polishing Kit 100 mm x 2-Section Stitched Hard Buff, 100 mm x 50 mm Loose Fold Soft Buff, Tapered Spindle, White Bar 54g 4in
RS-stocknr. 146-3845
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 9,39
1 Bag of 3
- Fold Felt Buff, Shaft - -
RS-stocknr. 648-5823
FabrikantPhoenix Contact
€ 46,56
Aantal stuks
F-SMA Quick Mounting Connectors - - -