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    Hygrostats are electronic devices that are designed to control the relative air humidity levels inside enclosures to prevent the formation of condensation and corrosion and damage to electrical components.

    How do hygrostats work

    Hygrostats respond to humidity range and not temperature. They are typically stored within enclosures and connected to enclosure heaters. If the pre-set humidity level is reached, the hygrostat will turn on the heater or fan to raise the condensation point or the dew point, which will prevent any malfunction or damage to the electrical components and systems that could be caused by corrosion or condensation.

    Some devices and systems use a combination of hygrostats and enclosure thermostats to prevent condensation build-up and ensure that the temperature inside the control cabinet is correct.

    What are hygrostats used for?

    Hygrostats are used to maintain critical relative humidity range in components and systems such as:

    • Telecommunication systems
    • Ticket dispensers
    • Electrical and electronic enclosures
    • Display panels
    • Automatic teller machines (ATM's)
    • Parking and access control systems

    Hygrostats can also be used to control warning lights, cooling fans and other devices.

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