Actuator Linkage Kits

Actuator linkage kits are critical parts in control devices used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications. Simply put, actuators are a part in a system that's responsible for moving and controlling the mechanism. Actuator linkage kits provide all the elements needed for a reliable mechanical connection between, for example, a slipper valve and an actuator. The kit can include an anti-rotation stop, a linkage and a long screw with which to secure the connection.

Why use actuator linkage kits?

Actuator linkage kits ensure a successful installation by creating a properly designed, sized and implemented connection. Most actuators need linkage kits to couple to valve bodies, making them crucial to actuator performance. Physical damage to a valve can occur with the wrong linkage connection type so selecting the correct type is important.

Types of actuator linkage kits

There are many different linkage lengths, crank/lever arm start angles, and crank/lever arm radiuses available. Their qualities include low power consumption, a visible position indication dial, a push button for manual override and maintenance free operation. All linkage kits are mounted in any vertical position with the actuator above the centre line of a valve.

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