Emergency Light Test Switches

What are they?Emergency lighting needs to be tested regularly to ensure it is working properly. The test switch is an outlet you can use to test them.How do they work?Usually operated by a panel in the wall, which vary in inputs such as key or keypad operated, you test the light by setting timing periods of testing for the lights to go on from which the switch then interrupts the mains power supply to ensure they are working as intended.Features and benefits: Choices of test times, 10 minutes, 1 hour or more sequences can be set Key operated devices ensure they cannot be accessed by unauthorised individuals Ensure your emergency lighting is to legal standard and ready for an emergency Allows contingency planning to ensure maximum safetyWhere might I use one? Any business can use one Even at home needed Public areas of high foot traffic Commercial and industrial benefits Any high risk automated assemblies or areas at risk of fires

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Omschrijving Prijs Height Length Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Test Intervals Voltage Rating Width
RS-stocknr. 298-2774
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 63,93
Aantal stuks
25mm 86 mm +35°C -10°C 1 h, 3 h, 10 min 240 V ac 86 mm