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    Incandescent Light Bulbs

    An incandescent light bulb is an electric light with a tungsten filament wire and a glass bulb to prevent the wire from oxidising, therefore protecting the life hours of the bulb.

    What types of incandescent bulbs are available?

    At RS, our wide range includes those suitable for everyday domestic and commercial applications. We have sourced our range from leading brands, such as General Electric, Orbitec, Osram, VCC, Schneider Electric, Philips and our own RS PRO.

    Filament Indicator Lamps

    Filament indicator lamps are small incandescent light bulbs used in a variety of applications including to light up cabinets or as indicators in cars. Filament indicator lamps can be available in various sizes, shapes and lens colours and are ideal for use in indoor and outdoor applications as they are waterproof.

    Features and benefits of filament indicator lamps

    • Low power consumption
    • Clear, high-quality light
    • Easy installation – just screw the base in and the lamp is ready for use
    • Lightweight and long-lasting design (some can last up to 100,000 hours)

    GLS Incandescent Bulbs

    GLS (general lamp shape) incandescent light bulbs are what many typically think of in regards to lighting - the globe-shaped bulbs are used in commercial and industrial lighting appliances and settings and come in rough-service, shock-resistant and durable designs for outdoor use.

    Types of GLS incandescent light bulbs

    You can choose from range of sizes and shapes, including candle and globe shapes, and finishes that offer coloured light or different colour temperatures, such as warm white, cool white and daylight. You can also select from dimmable designs or various wattages for varying levels of brightness.

    There are also a variety of bases depending on the particular fitting the light bulb needs to work with. An Edison screw is indicated by an E number and bayonet caps are indicated by a code starting with B, such as BC.

    Oven bulbs

    Oven bulbs have to withstand a range of temperatures, so are primarily designed and manufactured with special heat-resistant solder. They can be relied to operate very satisfactorily at high oven temperatures up to 300 °C.

    These bulbs are available in various fitments, from E14 (SES), E27 (ES), bayonet and even push up capsule bulbs, making them ideal across a wide range of domestic and electrical ovens.

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