Ceiling Roses

A ceiling rose is an essential accessory for any lamp design, and it is the most efficient ways to illuminate large rooms and areas. A rose is a fixing point for a lamp, ensuring it is flat against the mounting surface fixed to a ceiling. Wires within the lighting circuit are brought into the rose and connected through the terminals, bringing convenience and versatility for lighting installations.

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Omschrijving Prijs Number of Terminals Diameter Earth Bonding Terminal Colour Depth Voltage Rating Current Rating Cable Cross-Sectional Area Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature Operating Temperature Range
RS-stocknr. 473-0907
Fabrikantnummer1161 WHI
FabrikantMK Electric
€ 3,84
Aantal stuks
4 84mm Yes White 34 mm 250 V ac 6 A 2.5mm² -5°C +40°C -5 +40°C
RS-stocknr. 787-1256
FabrikantMK Electric
€ 10,97
Aantal stuks
3 75mm Yes White 44 mm 250 V ac 6 A 0.75 mm², 1 mm², 1.5 mm², 2.5 mm², 4 mm² -5°C +40°C -5 → +40°C