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    Belt Diagnostic Kits

    Belt Diagnostic is important to find out how well your drive belt is performing. In this day and age, the number one complaint with drive belts is the amount of noise pollution they produce. More often than not this can be resolved with a simple belt alignment fix, but how do you find the problem in the first place?

    Uniquely designed to help diagnose your belt drive, RS complete range of belt diagnostic kits will give you the tools you need to discover how well it's actually performing. Including market-leading brands such as OPTIBELT and more, view our range today and improve your current drive systems.

    What do belt diagnostic kits measure?

    This range of diagnostic kits will be able to provide you insight into how well your belt dive is performing, these kits can specifically identify:

    • Belt misalignment
    • Drive system tension
    • Drive system wearing
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