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    Ring Binders

    Ring binders, also known as files, are folders designed for filing and storing A4 documents. They are often made from card or plastic, with a metal mechanism inside. Ring binders are popular in the office, in schools, and at home, alongside other stationery.

    Ring binders are available in various colours and sometimes have a label or insert on the spine to write information on the contents of the binder. This makes it easy to differentiate between ring binders when storing them.

    There are various widths of ring binder available to suit different quantities of paper.

    How do they work?

    Ring binders have binders inside which thread through holes in paper to secure them. There are D-Ring and O-Ring shaped binders available, with lever arch or soft click closing. Ring binders come in 2-ring or 4-ring options.

    Secure your documents into the ring binder by hole-punching your paper and threading the binders through the holes. Alternatively, plastic wallets come with the relevant holes to insert into the ring binder. They also offer protection to your documents, provide easy access and it means you do not have to punch holes into the paper.

    Where are ring binders used?



    Home Filing



    Collections (cards, stamps etc.)

    Scrap Booking

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