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    Computer Desks

    Computer Desks or workstations are dedicated work solutions for the home office or workplace. We offer a range of durable hard wearing desks designed to withstand the daily usage of industrial or office environments. Our computer desks support computers and accessories with plenty of space for storage all of which can be locked securely.

    How do they work?

    Computer desks vary from model to model but most have a similar function in that they protect your office equipment, PC or laptop and peripherals from the outside environment.

    What are they made from?

    Our range of computer desks are made from various materials such as galvanised steel, metal, steel and plastic.

    Do they come with wheels?

    Our computer desks primarily are fixed location desks, however we do have desks with wheels for easy portability.

    Are they lockable?

    We recognise some computer desks require a level of security, in our range there are options for lockable cupboards with cable routing apertures, lockable slide out keyboard tray and lockable ventilated monitor housings.

    What are they also known as?

    Computer desks are also known as computer workstations which are made up of many components i.e. a shelf to support printers and a shelf for keyboards plus cupboards and cabinets. The terminology can vary also from computer tables, computer cupboards, computer cabinets and computer desktop.

    Where might I use one?

    Computer desks are the perfect office furniture for laboratories, suitable for the home, office and ideal for warehouses and factory environments

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