Capacitor End Caps

Capacitor end caps fit over capacitors in order to protect them from damage, for example from vibrations, dust and heat. They also protect the capacitor from electrical charges present in other components, or capacitors that may come into contact with it.

In addition, capacitor end caps will shield you from electric shocks when touching the capacitor.

How do capacitor end caps work?

A capacitor end cap can simply clip onto to the capacitor after it has been soldered to a circuit board. Otherwise, it can be fitted to the capacitor before soldering, leaving the terminals free. The terminals fit through holes in the capacitor end cap.

Types of capacitor end caps

Capacitor end caps are compatible with motor run alternate current (AC) capacitors, which are cylindrical, or oval can capacitors, which are oval. They can withstand temperatures of +60°C or +105°C. They can be used for a variety of capacitor types, including GEM Series, KB Series, KK Series, KT Series and 44.4mm capacitor types.

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RS-stocknr. 908-4600
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Protective Boot GEM Series Motor Run AC Capacitor +105°C
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Terminal Boot KB Series, KK Series, KT Series Oval Can Capacitor -
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Protective Boot GEM Series Motor Run AC Capacitor +60°C