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    Welding Mask Accessories

    When you work in the welding profession, it is crucial that you have the correct protective gear to keep you safe and carry out the task effectively. RS has a wide range of protective welding gear from Welding Masks, Welding Goggles, Welding Glasses, Welding Gloves and Welding Mask Accessories sourced from well-established brands such as 3M, Bolle, JSP, Uvex and our very own quality brand RS PRO, supplying leading protection that meets the required safety standards across several industries.

    Why is it important to replace damaged parts of the welding mask?

    Welding Masks go through a lot when performing welding tasks, which protect the eyes, face and neck from welding fumes, flying particles, UV light emissions, hot metal sparks, high temperatures and infrared light and as a result are susceptible to damage, therefore compromising the protection to the user.

    RS has a range of welding mask accessories and parts for your welding mask that you will need to replace at some point, such as; auto-darkening lenses, filters, sweatbands, lens cover, headgear pads, headgear, protection plates and more. It is crucial to ensure you carry out welding tasks safely and efficiently and parts are replaced when damaged or when recommended by the manufacturer's guidelines.

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