Water Pumps

Water, by nature always moves from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. A water pump is a mechanical device that can circulate water or raise it from one level to another.
How does a water pump work?
Water pumps draw existing water in to the pump by suction through an inlet point. The inlet point has a lower rate of pressure than the outlet point. A water pump is designed to increase the rate that the water is flowing to create a vacuum. At this point, the outlet point has a high-pressure level which forces out the water.
Water pumps come in various forms, selecting the best one for the application depends on several factors. Things to consider are;
Water quality - Is the water clean, dirty or foul? Does the water contain any semi-solid or solid matter?
Amount of water – What is the amount of water to be moved or drained? This is essential as pumps have a maximum flow rate usually in litres per minute.
Inlet and outlet points - Does the pump selected require solid pipework or hose for the inlet and outlet points. What is the size of the pipework or hose? Are they threaded connections or are do they accept a tube with an O/D in mm?
Mechanical seals - Are the seals within the pump suitable for the job?
Types of water pump
• Centrifugal water pumps are ideal for pumping higher flow rates
• Dirty water pumps are ideal for pumping dirty or foul water
• Submersible water pumps are ideal for pumping flooded areas, submersible pumps usually have the option of a float switch
• Petrol water pumps are ideal for draining out ditches and trenches
Water pumps are used in various applications across a wide range of industries. Some of the most common are;
• Waste water processing plants, irrigation and drainage
• Food and beverage production
• Oil and energy, power plants and refineries
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
• Water feature and ponds
• Aquarium and fish tanks

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Omschrijving Prijs Maximum Flow Rate Supply Voltage Input Connection Maximum Head Maximum Working Pressure Body Material Coupling Type Input Power Maximum Fluid Temperature Input Connection Size Output Connection Size IP Rating
RS-stocknr. 806-561
FabrikantnummerDRENOX 80/7 110V
€ 351,00
Aantal stuks
80L/min 110 V - 7m - Stainless Steel - 0.2kW +35°C - 1.25mm -
RS-stocknr. 667-9122
FabrikantXylem LVM
€ 80,78
Aantal stuks
31.8L/min 12 V dc 3/4 in Hose Barb - 1 bar Acetal Direct 72W +80°C 38mm 19mm -
RS-stocknr. 214-5206
€ 338,07
Aantal stuks
160L/min 1 → 240 V - 7m - Stainless Steel - - +50°C - 1-1/4in -
RS-stocknr. 214-5228
€ 448,76
Aantal stuks
50L/min - 1 in BSP 25m 6 bar Stainless Steel - - +50°C 1in 1in -
RS-stocknr. 262-5617
€ 566,97
Aantal stuks
600L/min - - 30m - Die Cast Aluminium - - - - 2in -
RS-stocknr. 214-5212
€ 377,93
Aantal stuks
200L/min 230 V - 8m - Stainless Steel Direct - +50°C - 1-1/4in -
RS-stocknr. 763-2544
FabrikantnummerRule iL500P
€ 64,06
Aantal stuks
1920L/h 12 V - 9.7m 14 psi POM Direct - +80°C - 19mm -
RS-stocknr. 493-1885
FabrikantnummerPXL25022 RS
€ 485,33
Aantal stuks
120L/min 230 V - 10m - - - 400W - - 1in -
RS-stocknr. 493-1863
Fabrikantnummer020-072 RS
€ 211,50
Aantal stuks
130L/min 230 V - 6m - - - 200W - - 1-1/4in -
RS-stocknr. 144-9301
€ 437,18
Aantal stuks
135L/min 230 V, 230 → 240 V - - - - - 0.25kW +40°C - - -
RS-stocknr. 445-986
FabrikantXylem Flojet
€ 504,84
Aantal stuks
47L/min 230 V 1/2 in G 6m - PP Magnetic 95W +80°C 1/2in 1/2in IPX5
RS-stocknr. 705-9403
FabrikantXylem Jabsco
€ 1.009,75
Aantal stuks
80L/min 110 V 1-1/2 in Rp 20m - Bronze - 550W - 1-1/2in 1-1/2in IP55
RS-stocknr. 673-822
€ 407,10
Aantal stuks
240L/min 230 V - 12m - Stainless Steel Direct - +50°C - 2in IP68
RS-stocknr. 705-9315
FabrikantXylem LVM
€ 89,63
Aantal stuks
18L/min 24 V 1/2 in Hose Barb 9m 1 bar POM - - +80°C 1/2in 1/2in -
RS-stocknr. 806-533
€ 401,65
Aantal stuks
240L/min 110 V - 12m - Stainless Steel Direct - +50°C - 2in IP68
RS-stocknr. 667-9157
FabrikantXylem Lowara
€ 258,32
Aantal stuks
50L/min 240 V 1 in G - 6 bar Iron Direct 1.03kW +50°C 1in 1in IP44
RS-stocknr. 445-992
FabrikantXylem Flojet
€ 1.004,06
Aantal stuks
160L/min 230 V 1-1/4 in G 8.8m - PP Magnetic 400W +80°C 1-1/4in 3/4in IP55
RS-stocknr. 214-5256
€ 602,69
Aantal stuks
- 230 V - 55m - Brass - - +50°C - 4in -
RS-stocknr. 493-1908
Fabrikantnummer040-620 RS
€ 426,48
Aantal stuks
300L/min 230 V - 10m - - - 600W - - 2in -
RS-stocknr. 763-2483
€ 739,08
Aantal stuks
60L/min 400 V 1-1/4 in Rp 40.2m 8 bar Stainless Steel Direct 0.91kW +40°C 1-1/4in 1in IP55
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