Hydraulic End Sleeves

Hydraulic end sleeves are a type of spacer used in flared-tube hydraulic fittings. The end sleeve slides onto the tube before it's flared. A range of flaring tools can be used to create a flared tube end, usually at an angle of 37°. The hydraulic end sleeve sits between the flared tube end and the threaded nut, helping to hold the nut in the correct position. The fitting nose forms a seal with the tube end when the nut is tightened.

What are hydraulic end sleeves used for?

This type of fitting is ideally suited to low- and medium-pressure applications, for use with machine tools, agricultural equipment, earth moving machinery, automation, chemical processing systems and other hydraulic applications.

Types of hydraulic end sleeves

Hydraulic end sleeves are most commonly made of zinc-plated steel and come in varying sizes. Product specifications include external tube diameter and sleeve length (in millimetres). Like the other components of a flared fitting, you'll need to check the end sleeves have the correct specifications. These include maximum operating pressure (in bars) and maximum and minimum operating temperature. Working pressures will vary somewhat depending on tube and fitting size.

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Omschrijving Prijs For Tube Outside Diameter Overall Length Finish Material Maximum Operating Pressure Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
RS-stocknr. 302-8168
€ 0,546
Each (In a Pack of 10)
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8mm 11mm Zinc Plated Steel 350 bar +120°C -40°C
RS-stocknr. 302-8196
€ 0,594
Each (In a Pack of 10)
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12mm 14mm Zinc Plated Steel 350 bar +120°C -40°C
RS-stocknr. 302-8152
€ 0,496
Each (In a Pack of 10)
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6mm 10mm Zinc Plated Steel 350 bar +120°C -40°C
RS-stocknr. 302-8247
€ 1,125
Each (In a Pack of 10)
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20mm 17mm Zinc Plated Steel 350 bar +120°C -40°C