Hydraulic Manifolds

Hydraulic manifolds help to regulate fluid flow between the components of a hydraulic system. 


What are hydraulic manifolds used for?

A hydraulic manifold allows you to manually regulate the amount of fluid flow between parts of hydraulic machinery using levers or switches. They act like the switchboard of an electrical circuit in that they allow the operator to control the transfer of power between the components of the system, like pumps and actuators. 

A manifold consists of an array of hydraulic valves connected to each other. This structure allows for the combined interaction of these valves in the hydraulic manifold, which enables complex control functionalities to intensify fluid flow and increase the level of pressure, and vice versa. 

Types of hydraulic manifolds

Hydraulic manifolds have either a single-piece design or a modular design and come in cylindrical, hexagonal or block configurations, depending on your needs. The components you use with the manifold depend on the type you select. 

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Omschrijving Prijs Manufacturer Series Number of Stations Maximum Operating Pressure
RS-stocknr. 750-2752
€ 831,75
Aantal stuks
AM 7 700 bar
RS-stocknr. 283-1979
€ 156,29
Aantal stuks
A 7 700 bar
RS-stocknr. 120-839
2,092 €
Aantal stuks
HM 6 700 bar
RS-stocknr. 297-4694
FabrikantBosch Rexroth
€ 370,29
Aantal stuks
- 4 -
RS-stocknr. 750-2758
€ 429,66
Aantal stuks
AM 5 700 bar
RS-stocknr. 283-1424
€ 119,03
Aantal stuks
A 6 700 bar
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