Tube Manifolds

Tube manifolds are a device used in pneumatic and hydraulic tubing systems to connect multiple smaller pipes into one larger pipe. They have a number of pneaumatic valves, allowing the user to control the flow of air or water into different areas of the system by opening or closing them manually as needed.

What are tube manifolds used for?

Tube manifolds have a range of applications in the construction of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They allow you to connect different parts of the network to one another, such as calibration lines, control pressure lines and reference ports.

Types of tube manifolds

Tube manifolds can be composed of a number of different materials, depending on how resistant to pressure and wear they need to be. They can also accommodate different numbers of tubes depending on the model, and sometimes the pipes will have different colours to make it easy to distinguish between the different sources. They can also have varying inside and outside tube diameters.

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